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Review of No Smoke No Mirrors

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

"....Hanging on his every word, my eyes were wide with wonder. Anything becomes possible when faced with the bizarre nature of the truth. Here you will find a show structured by intelligence, not just the glue of 'wham' and 'kazam'." ....

"In the final moments, you are left with that perfect climactic feeling sought in a magic show, that of utter confoundedness.

See this show and you will walk away with so much more than a preoccupation with the riddle of how it was done. Richard Vegas is a skilled storyteller with a charismatic presence. You won't forget the stories he tells you as the distant strains of gypsy violins twinge the edge of your ears. You'll have loads to recount to friends in the coming weeks."

Above are some of the quotes from the Weekend Notes review from opening night of my season of "No Smoke No Mirrors" at The MC Showroom....

If you are interested to read the whole review - click through here :

Melbourne magician Richard Vegas stands looking directly out with hands in  prayer gesture in front of his mouth
Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas - No Smoke No Mirrors

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