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Roving Magician Melbourne!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

One of the most versatile and dynamic forms of entertainment available to any formal event or evening of entertainment is the roving magician!

So here I am, it's lunchtime, mid-week in Melbourne and in a couple of hours I will be performing at a function in Melbourne for an awards ceremony and Gala dinner function. The style of magic I will be performing tonight is usually known as Roving Magic. It's where a magician entertains smaller groups of people at a function with close-up magic. Close up magic is intimate, personal and often happens in the hands of, and right in front of the eyes of the spectators! It works brilliantly at cocktail functions or any event where the attendees are standing having drinks and canapés, but also works just as well if the audience are seated at tables, like you might have at a gala dinner or at a wedding. It is great as an ice-breaker with the interest that it creates bringing people and groups together dynamically and creates individual and group social connections! I have performed this type of magic for over 20 years in all situations for all types of celebrations, everything from trade shows, family days, council events, birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, all types of corporate functions and more, the list is too long to go on with... I have even performed close-up magic on a plane!

It is always a lot of fun, always talked about and always memorable! It is a pleasure and a privilege to create magic for people right in their hands and give them something that they never forget!

Melbourne Roving Magician - Richard Vegas

Richard Vegas melbourne magician entertaining at Crown Casino

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