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Magic, Mirth & Mystery
Kids magic show Melbourne Magic, Mirth and Mystery

A visually stunning, enchanting, dramatic and comical children's show with magic, character and dance. Witness an amazing dreamlike story of a boy who enters another world with tables that levitate, glasses that float, cards that appear from nowhere and an intriguing female magician. Journey with these lovable characters across the ocean to Paris, meet the Owl and The Pussycat and prepare yourself to be enchanted and amazed.


Designer and hand made costumes, classical and European music, modern and vintage props; with magic and true character performances that will make you smile, make you laugh and gasp with disbelief as objects appear, disappear and even fly though the air! This is a very unique and classy children's show that re-defines family entertainment, forget the tacky magic shows you may have seen in the past; this show is simply unparalleled children's theatre and entertainment.

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