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The Art Of Deception - Magic Show

Magic, Cheats and Deceits.

An intriguing evening of deceptive magical entertainment from one of Australia’s most unique and accomplished master magicians…

Richard Vegas presents a performance of magic, mind-reading, illusion, cheats and deceits, all without revealing a thing and yet entertaining, charming, baffling and bluffing for the entire ride. The art of magic is the art of deception. It uses, misdirection, sleight of hand, suggestion, preconceptions, psychology, illusion, acting, showmanship, linguistics, physics, mechanics, science, outright BS and a lot of bravado to achieve the impossible. You won’t believe what is possible and what you will accept from the hands of a master manipulator!

Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas in mind reading pose. The hero poster image for the magic show : The Art Of Deception
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