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Corporate product launch magicians
Aus/NZ tour with female magician Julia Madotti for the launch of Eternal Magic by Avon
Customised magic and brand promotion for corporate launch events and trade fairs.
Over the years magicians and entertainers Richard Vegas and Julia Madotti have been the the creators and implementors of marketing and promotional campaigns  for some of the worlds biggest companies, businesses and corporations. From creating and implementing interactive promotions for big budget musicals and theatre shows at Star Casino's Lyric Theatre in Sydney, to the creation of front line magic demonstrations for the Launch of Coke Zero for an extensive 3 month national campaign, to being responsible for delivering literally tens of millions of dollars in marketing campaigns, promotions and prizes at the Star Casino in Sydney, Richard Vegas and Julia Madotti  are uniquely experienced  professional magicians and entertainers who have decades of applied skill and knowledge  in the implementation and creation of  marketing applications and delivery through entertainment. Some past clients and campaigns include : Coca Cola, Epson, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank, Latitude, Telstra, Avon, The Star Casino, Crown Casino, LION, and many, many more...
"Your show was a highlight ... the audiences loved you!”- AVON
"Absolutely brilliant!"  - Coca Cola
"Mind blowing ..." - Macquarie bank

"Richard was amazing & was booked for our company's new product launch! He was extremely accommodating & met our brief to incorporate our new Hahn Ultra beer in his performance. Watching the Hahn bottle float around the room was magical & very impressive. We would certainly book him again."

-  Kathy Higgins, Sales Operations Exec. LION

Melbourne magicians Madotti and Vegas
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