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Magic & Illusion & Theatre of the Mind 


 "A class act .... astonishing, ... great magic and great theatre." 

- Stage Whispers

“A slick performance that is simply great entertainment.”

-Rip It Up

“…Surprise after surprise … Quite Amazing” 

- Stage Whispers


An intriguing evening of magical entertainment from one of Australia’s most unique and accomplished master magicians…


History is seeded with tales and enterprises of great pitch and moment that contain events of improbable coincidence, happenstance or incredible synchronicity, both fortuitous and disastrous; the question is how much of it is chance and how much is created through our own actions and intentions…?


Richard Vegas presents a performance of theatre, storytelling and a magical inquisition into the forces of chance, fate and synchronicity and their effect upon our lives, all examined through the the prism of fantastical stories tall and true.

Quotes from Reviews of Richard Vegas' 'No Smoke No Mirrors '

"....Hanging on his every word, my eyes were wide with wonder. Anything becomes possible when faced with the bizarre nature of the truth. Here you will find a show structured by intelligence, not just the glue of 'wham' and 'kazam'." ....

"In the final moments, you are left with that perfect climactic feeling sought in a magic show, that of utter confoundedness.

See this show and you will walk away with so much more than a preoccupation with the riddle of how it was done. Richard Vegas is a skilled storyteller with a charismatic presence. You won't forget the stories he tells you as the distant strains of gypsy violins twinge the edge of your ears. You'll have loads to recount to friends in the coming weeks."

- Weekend Notes

"  ... Richard Vegas … charmed his audience from the moment he stepped on stage...

an engaging storyteller – during some stories I could feel chills; during other stories the room was so focused on Richard that you could have heard a pin drop....  connections between pieces in the show impressed the audience greatly..."

- Tay About Town

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