Upcoming  Performances


Raconteur Productions newest production is CLUB SODA  - A night of theatre, cabaret, dance, burlesque with a twist of magic, circus and comedy!

After a successful return performance at The Wedge in SALE in Victoria on the 14th of May 2021, further upcoming performances in NSW , VIC and the NT are also be going ahead.

The season at The Darwin Entertainment Centre  is set for 13th - 15th of October. The NSW performance in Dubbo is set for July 17th.

Details are yet to be fully confirmed for a Melbourne season in early October at a very exciting new venue! Further updates to follow soon...!

Further information is available on the Raconteur Productions website - click the Book Now button for more details.


Steampunk Gala in Walhalla

Steampunk Gala In Walhalla Melbourne Mag

Richard Vegas has been engaged to perform a bespoke exhibition of his magic & illusion with experiments in time and dimension at the upcoming inaugural Steampunk Gala In Walhalla! The Festival is set for weekend of 29th - 30th of August 2021 in the historic goldrush township of Walhalla. There will be 4 performances per day!

Click on the poster for more information and tickets to this playground for adventure, spectacle, drama, exploration and escapism!

Melbourne Magic Festival

The Melbourne Magic Festival kicks off once more on the 28th of June and plays through until the 10th of July.

Although this year Richard Vegas will not be personally performing, he has directed and developed 2 shows with Melbourne magicians Mr Marmalade and Lachlan Wilde.

Click on the top picture to the right for details and tickets to Mr Marmalade's show Schrodingers Wizard and click on the bottom picture to the right for details and tickets to Lachlan Wilde's show The Towers Edge.

Magician Melbourne magic festival.jpg

Paris Underground Returns for 2021!

Paris Underground

The Paris Underground Returns

The Paris Underground Cabaret will return to Melbourne with performances in October and November. Confirmations of performance dates will be coming soon.

Click on the Book Now button for links to The Paris Underground Website for more information.

Magic Lecture In Tokyo, Japan

Postponed to 2022 due to COVID19 restrictions.


Richard Vegas has been invited to lecture at the oldest surviving magic Club in Japan, the TAMC : Established in 1933 the TAMC runs meetings twice a month in Tokyo.

On a date to be confirmed in 2022 Richard Vegas will be demonstrating and teaching techniques of close-up magic, parlour and cabaret magic as well as techniques of mentalism and their application across the various disciplines.

Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas - ESP .