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Club Soda - One Night Only!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Ladles and Jellyspoons!

So this is coming up! Get it while you can, it's a one-off one night only kind of thing...!

Here's the lowdown:

Raconteur Productions presents CLUB SODA : A night of swing dancing infused with

theatre, cabaret, dance and burlesque with a twist of magic, circus and


For one night only at The Thornbury Theatre on Saturday the 7th of September!

Mr Sandman will take you down the rabbit hole and into a surreal and magical speak-easy! Conjuring up the secret ingredients, he will shake with ice, pour into the tall Collins glass of your mind, top it with soda for the soul and garnish with a lime wheel for your body!

A “Prohibition Ball” event with The Pearly Shells band and an outstanding and astonishing array of performers and internationally acclaimed artists, including Zelia Rose, recently voted number ONE in the 21st Century Burlesque Top performers in the world 2019.

The evening also includes performances of magic from Julia Madotti; one of Australia’s few female magicians and illusionists, and one of Australia’s leading magicians, Richard Vegas; the rare skill and tap-dance stylings of “Mr Sandman”, Eden Read, the beauty and grace of dancer and circus artist Hannah Trott; the award winning circus artist and anti-gravity man Tim Rutty, theatrical circus artiste, Tarah Carey and the rough diamond rogue host of this secret evening of weird and wonderful hedonism, the MC maestro Charlie Carbone; a.k.a Frank Minitti.

This is the feel :

And this is the style...

Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas in panama hat and evening wear with a glass in his hand
Magic with Richard Vegas in Club Soda

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