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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

A montage of pictures from the production of Real Fictions with Melbourne magicians Richard Vegas and Pierre Haag

Coming Up on Friday the 2nd of December will be my last public performance for 2022!

And this one is the one of the most fun productions to perform!

The Potato Shed have partnered with us to present an exclusive one time only event!



From Sweden & Australia, Pierre Haag and Richard Vegas present ‘REAL FICTIONS’.

Comedy, magic, mind manipulation, misunderstandings, and at least 2 offensive things in a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you fall off.

In a world first performance that is to be filmed, the Potato Shed are offering a special ticket pricing of $15. - Get your tickets here : REAL FICTIONS

In Real Fictions, Pierre & Richard will make you question whether what they present is real or even possible, all whilst wearing stupid hats, ridiculous costumes, passing unpleasantries, defying death, throwing out truth bombs and weird alternate facts and having the audience unwittingly do exactly as predicted, in a show that has been 66 million years in the making!

Real Fictions is an original take on a comedy magic performance and delivers more than comedy and more than magic. It is a fun and farcical hour of entertainment that is more unbelievable than the world we live in and twice as ridiculous, which, when you think about it, reflects very poorly on reality…

Pierre and Richard were not obsessed by magic when they were young and are only vaguely interested in it now. The problem is, they are actually good at it and useless at almost everything else. Having performed throughout America, Europe and Australia, for everything from royalty and high flyers to regular low divers, they now come together for the first time for a special performance of a new concept in magic entertainment!

Real Fictions promises ridiculous fun and brilliant magic and entertainment, all done in

questionable taste. See it before it’s cancelled!

* Some, or none of the above could be true.

Previous performances by Pierre Haag & Richard Vegas have been hailed by critics as :

“… atmospheric, accomplished,….supremely entertaining…”

- Stage Whispers

“.. a show structured by intelligence, not just the glue of 'wham' and ‘kazam'."

- Weekend Notes

“… see this rare and sensational show.... This is performance theatre at its best.”

- Stage Whispers

Real Fictions will play The Potato Shed on Friday 2nd of December, 2022, at 8pm.

Content Warning M15+ ( Seriously, don't bring your children! )

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