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Trials beyond the fourth wall...

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

"The theatre is a public trial of human actions as they really are, but it's set in that other reality, that eternal realm which the poetic imagination creates as both an example and a warning for our confused everyday lives...

It's a trial by human audience which spurs the consciences of the judges themselves to an even loftier and more rigorous moral light..."

Luigi Pirandello

When society is turned on its head, the need for art is greater and more important than ever before. I sincerely look forward to holding the mirror up to nature once more in the post lockdown, brave new world.

This has been a strange year, and it ain't over yet. I am keeping busy working on new and exciting things...

At this time, all I can say is keep cool, be kind, stay well, think straight and have more patience than a cosmetic surgeon after Covid lockdown...! ;-)

Magician Richard Vegas stands with a panama hat and white dinner jacket in a spotlight on a dark stage.

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