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Waiting for the sun to shine, watching the grass grow...

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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Update September 2021.

At this point in time and space, here in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, third planet from the sun, it seems the year ( commonly known as 2021 ) is inexorably static under the restrictions of lockdowns caused by the threats to individual human life and the structures and systems of our society, brought about by a particularly virulent and transmissible disease, known as a novel coronavirus.

And so the people of the city of greater Melbourne are dutifully ( for the most part ) staying at home, not socialising, not visiting with friends or family, getting out for an hour of exercise per day, shopping only for essentials and under a night-time curfew, doing what we can with what we have all whilst wearing a respiratory face mask. All to limit the spread of the disease throughout society for the greater benefit of all, under the threat of the potential stress and collapse of the health system to cope with the consequences of the pandemic.

I, personally am absolutely ok with it. Because even with all of these restrictions, I know how fortunate we are, have been and will be. Everything is relative and it does help to remind yourself of the good fortune and the benefits and ease of life, even at moments in history such as this. I mean before these days, who could blog, podcast, interact on social media, watch Netflix, Zoom, online shop etc., etc. If ever there was a time to go through a pandemic, I'm glad I'm going through this one and not the Spanish Flu or the Bubonic Plague!

So, pretty much all of my work is continually being postponed and rescheduled and that's cool... My performances, shows, and interactions can wait; they will return and we will share in the magic and benefits of others once more.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go and count my blessings, whilst I wait for the sun to shine once more.

I've been watching the grass grow and I think sometime in the next couple of days, I might have to mow the lawn.

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