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Back On The Road

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

A top hat in spotlight sits on top of a microphone stand in front of red curtains

The above is the opening scene of my cabaret show CLUB SODA at The Darwin Entertainment Centre in April this year.

2022 has been on a fast track and we are burning rubber to make up for the lost time of the problematic last 2 years! Already this year I have been on tour with 3 of my shows, 2 with my production company Raconteur Productions, those being Club Soda and The Paris Underground Cabaret, and also a co-production show Real Fictions with my good friend Pierre Haag, which debuted at this years Adelaide Fringe Festival. This past week Raconteur Productions was supposed to have been on tour again with another one of our productions, Lost In Venice but due to Covid finally catching up to me and running me down ( even though I am triple vaxxed! ), this had to be postponed to dates later in the year. This along with many corporate performances, including a couple of engagements for the Lux division of L'oreal, as well as many private engagements, this year has been pretty hectic.

I'm happy and looking forward to it being even more hectic. It's great to be back on the road. Bring on more hectic... " are a long time dead."

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