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Beer Magician

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

So there's been a lot of action on the web and around the Melbourne Magic Festival because of what people are calling the "beer magician"! Melbourne Magician Dom Chambers has recently had a great hit with his full glass of beer production audition act that recently aired on America's Got Talent. Prior to this he has also appeared on Penn & Tellers 'Fool Us'... If you haven't seen it you can view it here :

The 'beer magician' suits Dom as he's been playing around with visual video illusions and beer for a long time on Youtube and Instagram and it's great that he is having such great success with his stage performances now. He and fellow magician Baydon Hammond ran a monthly magic night ( Top Hat Tuesdays ) for over 6 years in Melbourne and helped the magic community and those that love magic to enjoy the talents of Melbourne Magicians throughout that period. They did this really out of pure love for the art form and a desire to see magic featured on a monthly basis, with little reward ( and certainly no financial reward ) to them... So it is great to see the success of those that give to the community come back to them... I look forward to seeing what Dom does in the next stage of AGT.

Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas floating a table on stage.
Melbourne Magician Richard Vegas at The Stage Gala

Melbourne's best magicians at the Melbourne Magic Festival
Melbourne Magicians at the Gala perfomance of the Melbourne Magic Festival 2019

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