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Melbourne Magician and the Melbourne Magic Festival

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

So here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the blog that I was going to do when I had time to get around to it, but I never did have time to get around to it so I decided to just do it anyway! And just in time, as the Melbourne Magic Festival 2019 kicks off here in just under a week....! As a magician in Melbourne this festival is very exciting and very inspiring as it sees the art of Magic take centre stage in the city for a period of 2 weeks! There are some wonderful international guest artists coming to perform as well as a truckload of local Melbourne and Australian based magicians performing everything from mind reading and big stage illusion shows to kids magic shows and family entertainment and, of course, I have 2 productions featuring in the festival, both of which I am very proud of; first is my solo show "No Smoke, No Mirrors" - and secondly, for one night only, the most successful touring cabaret show in Australia, now in it's 6th year "The Paris Underground Cabaret" -

Check them out, get tickets and enjoy all that The Melbourne Magic Festival has to offer - this is where I will be for the first week - and here is a link to get tickets for the Spiegeltent magic spectacular edition of The Paris Underground Cabaret -

..... oh and here's a sneak peak of No Smoke No Mirrors ....:

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