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REAL FICTIONS Early Bird Special Discount Tickets!!!

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Magicians Richard Vegas and Pierre Haag stand in the centre aisle of the warehouse from Indiana Jones, in their hero poster for their mindreading and magic show "Real Fictions"

"Real Fictions - Impossibilities, Unpleasantries and Other Stupid & Ridiculous Things", is the new magic and mind reading production from Haag & Vegas! The Melbourne premiere of this show will be at this years Melbourne Magic Festival at Arrow on Swanston – The Houdini Theatre on July 7th & 8th at 6.20pm.

2 Shows Only!


Enter the discount code word AMAZING at checkout to get the 20% discount

Click through here for more information and tickets:

From Sweden & Australia, Pierre Haag and Richard Vegas present ‘Real Fictions’. Comedy, magic, mind manipulation, misunderstandings, and at least 2 offensive things in a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat until you fall off.

Unmissable! …unless you do

* Some or none of the above could be true.

A montage of action pictures of scenes from the magic show Real Fictions with magicians Richard Vegas and Pierre Haag

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