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Sleight Night

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Coming up next Wednesday night ( 18/09/2019 ) at the Laneway Theatre, a secret little theatre in Thornbury, is Sleight Night. I have been invited to join a bunch of misfits and miscreant magicians and perform something for their monthly soiree`! See here for more info -

I always take the opportunity, when invited to perform at something like this, to take a big risk with what I perform and risk failing really badly. Funnily enough, I never do, but it definitely makes it exciting.... So I'll be trying to fail extra hard this time and see if I can't make a monkey out of myself and give a bigger deal of entertainment on the way ... If you want to see me potentially fail ( pretty badly & it has to happen at some stage ), come along.... Details above... but get in quick, there are only 30 seats available each month...

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