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The Paris Underground Cabaret is back in Melbourne!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Melbourne magicians Richard Vegas and Julia Madotti perform  a levitation illusion. 4 other performers stand in red cloaks in a semi-circle on stage.

After 7 years touring every state and territory in Australia, the subversive European cabaret is back to where it all began, with its first Melbourne performance in 4 years! The Paris Underground Cabaret has performed to packed theatres across Australia, most

recently to sold out houses at the 2022 Noosa Alive! Festival.

It has been described by critics as :

“Sexy, alluring, atmospheric, accomplished, supremely entertaining vaudeville...”

“If you want to be lured into the world of the risqué and explore the secret passions

of your inner devilish dark side then see this rare and sensational show.... This is

performance theatre at its best.” - Stage Whispers

As the co-creator, writer, director, co-producer, character MC and magician of this production, after 9 years it is a greater pleasure than ever to perform in this show. The freedom that comes from being able to continually create in a show that has been honed through play and experience in over 120 performances over so many years with an ensemble that has intelligently grown with the show as well, makes this production like putting on your favourite pair of shoes and dancing to your favourite songs, drinking the finest champagne in the most charming and beautiful venue on an endless night with your best friends...

I am looking forward to doing it again and again and again. The next dance of the The Paris Underground Cabaret is on the 10th of September at 8pm at The Frankston Arts Centre.

Get your tickets here : Paris Underground

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